Sunday, March 8, 2009

Due to the request of an update of my life, I have decided to post a new blog.

I am very busy these days, between 40 hour weeks at work, Karsen and Matt, and sleep, precious sleep. 

Work: I work at Polaris Lab's. We do oil and fluid analysis. Exciting, I know. I work nights, so I get to see Karsen when I wake up in the afternoon. 

I am also finishing up reading the Twilight series. I must say, they became my favorite books and I am sad to only have about 100 pages left of the 4th book. 

I am also still working on my teacher certification. I am hoping to feel prepared enough to take my content exams at the end of this month. Fingers crossed.

Life is pretty much normal, Karsen is getting bigger by the second and I am loving every minute of it. As well as his daddy, I love every second I get to spend with that man, Anony Mouse. 

That about sums it up :o)

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Anony Mouse said...

Thank you for finally posting. My life is now complete. Keep us informed so that we have an idea of what a real life is like. All we can do is sit here in cyberspace dreaming of what it might be like to have a real life, but when you post, we are able to vicariously live.